How Hiring Works in North America- Virtual Bootcamp for Master's Students

“How Hiring Works in North America” is a virtual webinar series designed to help you prepare for internships and job applications during your master’s. You will learn essential job search strategies, tools, and techniques so that you can identify and pursue career opportunities in North America.It can take 6 – 9 months to land a job or internship — now is the time to start preparing.Join Beyond Graduate School for a week of webinars, each designed to show master’s students the components of a successful job search and how to stand out as a job candidate.• WELCOME VIDEO: How hiring works in North America (pre-recorded and emailed to you)• Monday, June 24th: How to find people to network with (live and replay)• Tuesday, June 25th: Networking & informational interviews (live and replay)• Wednesday, June 26th: How to unlock the hidden job market (live and replay)• Thursday, June 27th: How to stand out as a job candidate (live and replay)See the full program overview.Webinar sessions will be held via Zoom webinar and will be recorded. Advanced registration is required.

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