Chat GPT, AI, and the Job or Internship Search

Using ChatGPT in your job and internship search effectively and ethically

  • Check responses for inaccuracies and inclusion of your unique words and voice.
  • Use specific queries and engage in dialogue by asking follow-up questions.
  • Use the “Regenerate Response” button to see other options.
  • Ask for specific responses based on your materials and for responses that use different tones, such as formal, engaging, or casual.
  • Exercise caution when sharing personally identifiable information with chatbots/AI. For example, if
    you insert your resume into the chat for feedback, do so without including your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • AI does not provide the expertise and holistic, individualized approach that career advising does.
  • We encourage you to use our drop-ins, appointments, and programs to get well-rounded
    recommendations and support.

Sample Prompts

Finding Jobs, Internships, or Co-ops

  • What are 10 US-based up-and-coming companies in ed tech that are hiring [insert your own fields of interest]?
  • Based on my LinkedIn profile, what are five roles I am qualified for? What companies in Worcester County, MA are hiring for these roles?
  • What companies in Worcester County, MA have Employee Resource Groups for LGBTQ+ employees? Finding Jobs or Internships

Preparing for Interviews

  • Generate 10 specific interview questions based on this job description.
  • Take question one and based on my resume, how would you answer that question with a response that feels confident and engaging?
  • What are five questions I can ask in an interview that will give me insight into the company’s culture and commitment to DEI?
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