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Public Service, Government, Education, & Research

Embark on a meaningful career in public service, government, education, and research. Explore valuable career resources, job and internship opportunities, industry insights, and experiences crafted to empower your professional development.

Public Service Careers: Do you want to make a difference in the world with your work, but not quite sure where? Public service traditionally has referred to careers in government, but  has expanded to include other sectors that work toward the betterment of society. This includes government, non-profits, B-Corporations, and more.

Federal Government:  Have you ever considered working for the federal government? A common misperception is that the majority of federal jobs are located in Washington, D.C., but 84% of federal jobs are located outside of D.C.in all 50 states and overseas.  In fact, agencies need architects, doctors, transportation experts, business people, lawyers, social scientists and many other kinds of specialists. GoGovernment has career guides to give you information on which agencies offer these types of jobs, what types of jobs people in these fields do, sample positions and more. Resources for finding federal jobs include Students & Recent Graduates  positions on Usajobs.gov

Education Careers:

  • Want to know more about becoming a middle or high school STEM teacher? The Teacher Preparation program at WPI alongside your 4-year undergraduate major program of study may be for you.
  • Graduate students preparing for academic research or teaching, check out the BeyondProf career learning platform brought to you by the Heebner CDC.

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