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Graduate Student Resources

The Heebner CDC empowers graduate students to take ownership of your career path and chart a course that is aligned with your interests, skills and values.

Specifidally we support you by:

  • Expanding your knowledge of the broad range of career and employer possibilities.
  • Making connections with employers and alumni to understand the employment landscape, hiring process, and leverage your network.
  • Recognizing many of our graduate students are international students with additional concerns such as work-authorization and visa sponsorship.  We work in partnership with International House to guide you through the internship and job search process.

Graduate Student Specialized Career Resources include:

  • Institutional subscription to Beyond the Professoriate and Beyond Graduate School – two grad student focused career education platforms.
  • Dedicated content for graduate students as well as international students of all degree levels.  You can set preferences for personalized content and notifications.
  • Weekly Graduate Student Heebner CDC (HCDC) Newsletter email with targeted content
  • New! Graduate Student Peer Advisors (PAs)- Four grad student peer advisors (including three international students) are now part of our team. All PAs meet with all degree level students, but we will have some dedicated graduate student drop-ins – dates/times tbd.
  • Career fair registration day and drop-ins for grad students at Gateway Park – more convenient for grad students at Gateway. dates/times tbd
  • Institutional subscription to GoinGlobal.  Check out the H1B Visa /OPT Hub where you can search US employers that have submitted H1B visa applications, plus OPT-friendly employer records and guidelines.